Episode 1 Evan HeadWires:


In this my first episode in the series I speak to Bassist/Lead Vocalist Evan Torrente from the band “Headwires” who definitely turned my head and ears around when I first saw them play a couple of years back. Amongst other things, we tackle Writers Block, talk about 2-Pac & Soundgarden, lyric-writing and of course their soon-to-be-released EP “Organs. I also had the privilege of getting Evan to perform some exclusive “acoustic” versions of “I’d Be Yours” & “Colours”

Get your headphones on, sit back and enjoy it all HERE

YouTube Success?!…

Just about 3 days ago I asked via FB that you all help me in pushing my youtube video/film thang “Live At Moorish Castle” up to the 300 views mark.


NOW, this may be due to the recent “trending” of the word #gibraltar on various social media sites along with the help of all you guys sharing the link with your friends and what-not but either way I am very proud to announce that our project has now excelled my previous humble expectation and gone beyond 3000 views on youtube. In fact, as of today, it is currently at 3148 and still continuing to rise every day. All this in a mere 3-4 days “work”?!

So with that I would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to share and “like” my page and videos. It just kinda shows what a little “strength in numbers” can do for us independent musicians.

There will be some more news and more updates coming very soon with regards to a project that is currently in the planning stages. As soon as there is more official information I will be sure to post it out.

Once again thank you all for sharing my music out there and for your great support.

Mucho love,


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